ES Counseling, LLC


Assisting Individuals and Families in Transition

We look forward to working with you! Collectively, we have a passion for working with people to provide comfort, guidance, support and perspective.  For more information about who we are please check our about page. To schedule please call: (904) 375-1243

What you can expect from ES Counseling, LLC:

  • Open and honest communication
  • Respect towards you and your presenting problem
  • Periodic review of your progress

At your initial visit, we will:

  • Review your medical and mental health history
  • Make preliminary treatment plans & outline goals  

For more information on what to expect, visit the FAQ page

Counseling Is:

 conversation with a purpose                    

✓ a safe environment to express oneself

goal-oriented and planned out


a professional relationship

Counseling is Not:

a place to go to be
    told you are crazy

 about fixing a    

 a time to build a case
    against another

 about right and wrong

 the last resort


A Counselor Is:

 a professional

✓ a listener

✓ a mirror


A Counselor is Not:

your friend

✗  someone who will    
    judge you

✗ a person to make
   decisions about
   situations in your life

✗ perfect
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